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Are You Thirsty?
Sunday, May 3, 2009


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Michael and Carol Hart graduated from Bible School in 1982 and Missions Training School in 1987. They have been actively involved in Christian Ministry since 1980. For 14 years Michael had a career in the motion picture industry and together they owned and operated their own business for 10 years. Their passion to love and help people has taken them to over 15 nations. But in 2002 their desire to rescue hurting children and build orphanages around the world took them to Thailand where they are currently living and doing what they were born to do.

They founded Zoe International Ministries which reaches out to people with little access to the gospel message, while working to fight the escalating crisis of human trafficking and child prostitution worldwide.

The un-reached are located in the10/40 region of the globe -- located 10 degrees to 40 degrees north of the equator, and spanning the globe from West Africa to East Asia. It is home to 85% of the world's poor, with its main philosophies and faiths being Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Atheism.

From their base location in Thailand, Zoe International Ministries focuses on seven different but interwoven areas: Leadership Training, Prayer Ministry, Evangelism Ministry, Discipleship Ministry, Children's Homes/Orphanages, Secular Ministry, and its Missions Ministry.

While Thailand’s rate of child prostitution has been the focus of international scrutiny over the years, the vision of Zoe children’s homes and orphanages is to alleviate the suffering of the millions of children forced into child prostitution around the world. The crisis of child prostitution becomes obvious when considering the research:

* It is estimated that up to 1,200,000 children per year are brought into the child prostitution and human slavery industries worldwide.

* It is estimated that 17,500 women and children per year are imported for this heinous work in the United States alone.

* Human trafficking is such a lucrative industry that U.S. intelligence estimates it will surpass the illicit guns and narcotics trading industry within the decade.

In Thailand, Pastors Michael and Carol live alongside a team of incredible missionaries and nationals, and are dedicated to equipping leaders who will greatly influence their own nations and their generation for Christ.

I want to share a story with you about Henry Stanley, he was the biggest known atheist in Europe, he went and pursued Livingston, one of the greatest missionaries, and as this atheist watched this missionary, he converted to Christianity, but it wasn’t the words of the missionary, it was his lifestyle.  Do people see Jesus in our life when they look at us?  Do your friends and family know God by seeing you?  Are they hungry for God by spending time with you?  You are the salt of the earth.  Salt causes flavor, but salt also causes thirst.  When we are in our daily business in life, we need to create a thirst for God when people spend time with us.  The definition for thirst is this – to have a strong desire, an itch, a yearning, something that fills the want.  Do you leave people hungry and thirsty for what you have?  The peace you have, the joy you have and the knowing of where you are going when you die.  It’s inside of you and God almighty is inside of us, and we are designed to create that thirst.  Does our everyday life exude such evidence and conviction?  That’s why we go to church on Sunday, to remind us and focus on why we live and who we live for. 

It’s so important to watch what is inside of us that will affect those around us.  What we have inside of us is what comes out in emergency or other situations.   Some people think – I go to church because it is my religion, but this is real.  Faith in God works, there is power in the name of Jesus.  The God you serve is alive and is active and is not dead.  We carry the authority of Christ as an ambassador of God.  Don’t walk with your head down, you are the king of king’s child and you have a lot to give and a lot to say.  Be all the Christian you know to be.  This life in Christ…don’t waste another minute. 

What we do influences others. God will invade your everyday life, and the more you hear his voice the more he will come to you.  The more you seek him the more he will come and supp with you.   We need to have rivers of living water flowing out of us.  It’s living water.  The world is like the ocean and when we drink of the world its like we are drinking salt water.  It doesn’t satisfy thirst, instead it makes you thirstier and eventually it kills you.  We have to keep our systems filled with the living water of Christ so that others may know him and be saved.  We are all a tool used by the Lord to lead others to Christ.  We need to run our race and the only thing we need to know is Christ and the love of God.  And know that God knows you, he loves you and he is big and can handle the weights that weigh you down in life.  He is there for you and he loves you.  God is a God who can move heaven and hell to get to your need.  Just like he does for the previous children that we have rescued from slavery.

-Carol Hart